Elimco Aerospace joins the Alliance for FP Dual.

14 June, 2021

The Alliance for FP Dual will collaborate with Elimco to train its students, with the aim of facilitating their labor insertion in such an innovative and fickle sector as the technological one.

Elimco Aerospace participates in this FP dual in which it sees a feasible link between theoretical and practical concepts, which aim to teach these young people very specific technical skills that are needed in the company.

Therefore, we foresee very favorable results with this collaboration, because the students will acquire skills that will facilitate their insertion into the labor market, since the increasingly competitive technology sector requires personnel with very specific technical skills, in addition, with a great capacity to adapt to the work environment, which is other of the determining factors of this alliance: to ensure that young recent graduates can find a future in Elimco Aerospace.

For us it is a great satisfaction and pride to be able to collaborate in educational projects, contributing everything in our power to ensure that young people have a better future and can be trained with degrees that are adapted to the changing situations in which the technology and innovation sector is, thus facilitating a quick job placement.

Therefore, we would like to thank Alianza FP DUAL for the trust they have placed in us for the training of their students.

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