Elimco Aerospace joins the initiative ‘Plan Sumamos. Health+Economy’, which starts the vaccination against COVID in companies belonging to the Aerópolis Technology Park, with workers over 40

16 June, 2021

A few days ago, in the Aerópolis Technology Park, the vaccination against COVID started in Andalusian companies for workers over 40 years old.

The vaccinations, a milestone that is carried out for the first time in the Andalusian business sector within a framework where companies and public administrations join forces to face the pandemic together.

This initiative has a double purpose. On the one hand, to achieve a greater number of people vaccinated in the shortest possible time, in order to speed up and facilitate employees’ attendance. And, on the other hand, to show the commitment of both private companies and the public administration to collaborate in order to put an end to this health crisis.

In conclusion, it should be highlighted that, through this event, the aim is to achieve the highest number of vaccinated people in the population in order to put an end to the restrictions and limitations that undermine economic activity, as well as to show the commitment of companies to find solutions for their employees and the pandemic situation we are going through.

For our part, we are aware of the situation, we collaborate and will collaborate in everything in our power to achieve the objectives set out in the health framework with regard to COVID.

We trust that the implementation of this initiative will help us to achieve a rapid recovery from this pandemic crisis.


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