| Elimco Aerospace receives ‘Best Improver Structures & Materials’ award from Airbus

1 July, 2019

Elimco Aerospace has been awarded with the ‘ Best Improver Structures & Materials’ prize in Munich (Germany) in the framework of the ‘5th Airbus Defence and Space Supplier Conference’, through which Airbus gathers its main suppliers to communicate its short-term strategies and in which it awards by means of a recognition to the suppliers that have stood out the most in performance, innovation and improvement in the last year.

In this event, Elimco AeroSpace has been awarded in its category ‘Structures & Materials’ with the ‘Best Improver’ award for its initiatives focused on the continuous and sustainable improvement of its production processes, resources and personnel, using innovation as a transmission belt, standardization, coordination and management inside the company, as explained in a statement by the Board.

Elimco managers have valued this award as “a sign of trust and support that we are deeply grateful to our main Customer, which reflects the deep change in our operation, flexibility, adaptation and technology abilities”.

Among the attendees were the main Airbus executives along with the most important suppliers of its supply chain for its aeronautical, defense and space business lines; including Elimco Aerospace S.L.U.

” Without a doubt, the hard work of the EAS team in 2018 has allowed us to positively face a year of consolidation and lay the foundations for 2019, to grow until retaking the historical positions of our company in an efficient and sustainable way and fully aligned with the concept –Momentum– presented at this conference by ADS”, they added. In addition, Elimco has pointed out that in 2019, “the company expects to increase by 25% thanks to the work of the Mercantil team, which is giving its best, and to the support of the parent company”.

Elimco Aerospace is a company driven by the Ingemont Technology Group that offers high value-added technological solutions for the aerospace, defense, railway and naval sectors, among others. In the aeronautical sector it is “a benchmark in the creation of customized solutions in engineering, manufacturing and services for electrical, electronic and avionic systems, being an expert in the integrated management of products or automatic systems, simulators, cockpit control units, consoles and highly complex on-board equipment, with a commitment to the development of R&D&I and the provision of services in FAL”. The company participates in the main Airbus programs, including the A400M, A330MRTT, EFA and the Tiger and NH90 helicopters.

The 53rd edition of the biennial Paris Airshow Le Bourget 2019, the largest international trade fair held this year in Europe, will once again bring together all the international players in the aerospace industry showcasing the latest technological innovations. At the last edition in 2017, the show welcomed 142,000 professional participants in 131,500 square meters of exhibition space that also brought together 2,381 exhibitors from 48 countries. Le Bourget, which is organized by SIAE, a subsidiary of Gifas, the French Aeronautical Industry Association, expects to welcome more than 320,000 attendees at this edition, between professionals and visitors.

Source: Teleprensa

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