Elimco Aerospace starts a new course by Ingemont

18 October, 2017

The company of Seville is committed to internationalization as one as its strategic axes of growth in the next years

Elimco Aerospace, Andalusian company specializing in high value added technology solutions for the aerospace, defense, railway and naval sectors, among others, will launch a new business plant that Will allow to grow above 18 million euros of turnover in the next ten years, after being acquired by the firm Ingemont, dedicated to maintenance engineering and development of technological projects.

In this way, Ingemont has been awarded one of the most recognized companies in the Andalusian aeronautical sector after the process opened by the bankruptcy administration of its parent company, Elimco Integral Solutions, into an arregement with creditors from September 2015. With this operation, which has resulted in a disbursement of around eight million of euros, Ingemont gains market share in a sector, the aeronautical, for which it already works, having contracts for maintenance and execution of energy infrastructure in the plants of Airbus in Seville, Cádiz and Getafe.

The new business plan with which the Sevillian company plans to relaunch the activity of Elimco Aerospace gives an important role to the internationalization, which would allow it to opt for larger projects of Airbus and, in addition, to be known before the three other giants of the world aeronautics: Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer.

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